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General Dentistry

The patient discusses their needs with a staff member and is provided with the optimum care suited to their oral environment.

General dentistry concerns all diseases involving the teeth, such as cavities and periodontal disease.

At Tokyo Gulf Dental, we examine the state of the patient’s whole mouth and provide thorough explanations on treatment methods. Treatment is only begun after a patient achieves full understanding.

With the aging of society, the use of dentures has increased, but in fact very few denture wearers are using dentures they feel satisfied with. Under a desire to see as many patients as possible using the optimum dentures for them, we at Tokyo Gulf Dental make use of staff with extensive experience above and beyond this specialty area to make our dentures to ensure we provide a higher quality of dentures.

  • We hold ourselves accountable for properly explaining treatment methods.
  • We strive for care matched to patient hopes and desires.
  • We provide high quality dentures which enable patients to chew thoroughly and well.
  • We use the latest equipment and engage in thorough hygiene management.
  • We apply a wealth of experience and sure technical and technological abilities to patient care.
  • We strive for care which eliminates patient pain as much as possible.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

In order to prevent tooth loss, the progress of the disease is halted and the patient is provided with the best possible care.

The scary thing about periodontal, or gum disease is that there is little pain in the early to middle stages, resulting in oral condition steadily worsening with little forewarning. Real pain and swelling only occur at the very end stages. Until that point, there will be few subjective symptoms. Leaving such disease until it makes one aware of it can even result in total tooth loss. This is the scariest part about periodontal disease.
Once even said to be “untreatable,” today the spread of periodontal disease can be stopped and prevented. Periodontal disease treatment restores not only oral health but also the health of the whole body.
Early detection and treatment are important, but even in difficult cases it can be treated by experienced dentists like those at Tokyo Gulf Dental.

Everything for our patients’ health and smileLike a little dental university which treats the whole family!

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