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High level treatment via thorough sterilization measures and advanced dental equipment

Receive safe and reliable care in a sterilized and hygienic environment!

  • We thoroughly eliminate the possibility for in-clinic infections.

    Viruses and bacteria are sources of infection, and it is necessary to keep equipment hygienic and sterile to prevent their transmission to patients.
    The occurrence of infections while receiving treatment in dental clinics has become a significant problem in recent years.
    Tokyo Gulf Dental utilizes a Class B autoclave produced by the German firm Sirona to thoroughly cleanse and sterilize equipment used in treatment.

    DAC Universal 2

    Thoroughly washes and sterilizes all instruments used for cutting.
    Thoroughly sterilizing not only the exterior but also the interior of instruments, we use only hygienic equipment properly cleaned and sterilized for each patient.


    Washing Sterilization

    A high performance autoclave which conforms to medical standards.
    Ensures a top level sanitary environment.

    DAC Professional Class B Autoclave

  • Dental vacuum thoroughly eliminates fine aerosols from entering the lungs!

    Mineral particles generated during dental treatment, too small to see with the naked eye, can enter the lungs without a person even being aware of it. These particles are extremely dangerous and can negatively influence a person’s health if they become trapped there.
    Tokyo Gulf Dental uses Free Arm Arteo dental vacuums to thoroughly collect and trap mineral particles as well as saliva and blood aerosols generated during treatment.
    Patients can rest assured they are receiving safe and reliable treatment.

    Captures fine particles before they enter the lungs! Protects your health.

Advanced treatment equipment is highly safe and ensures a high level of treatment!

  • Beautiful dental ceramics completed on the day of your visit! Superior adhesion and prevention of cavity recurrence!

    Metal fillings are easy for bacteria to adhere to and deteriorate over time, and thus can result in the recurrence of cavities.
    Plastic fillings may stain and can result in the recurrence of cavities when they become worn down.

    Tokyo Gulf Dental makes use of Cerec ceramics, which greatly reduce the risk of cavity recurrence. Ceramics are affixed to teeth with an adhesive, eliminating gaps to prevent bacteria from entering the tooth; ceramics are also difficult for bacteria to adhere to, helping prevent cavity recurrence. They are also virtually identical in hardness to natural teeth and do not damage other teeth they come in contact with.
    They are also attractive in appearance and can be completed on the same day of treatment.
    It is our desire here at Tokyo Gulf Dental to provide as many patients as possible with healthy, beautiful teeth.

    Also perfect for patients with metal allergies!

  • State-of-the-art CT scanner ensures accurate diagnoses. Significant reduction in X-ray exposure as well. That’s peace of mind!

    Tokyo Gulf Dental uses a Veraviewepocs 3Df CT scanner, which exposes patients to a lower dose of X-rays and ensures accurate diagnoses via high resolution images.
    Advanced multicolor image processing enables viewing from multiple angles, aiding accurate diagnosis, as well as assisting precision when inserting dental implants.

    Ultra low X-ray dose – Veraviewepocs 3Df

  • Extreme safety and superior aesthetics. Achieve bright, white teeth with teeth whitening.

    Tokyo Gulf Dental makes use of the latest in teeth whitening equipment, featuring low-pain treatment and greatly reduced UV usage and heating.
    Extreme safety coupled with high power treatment achieves exceedingly beautiful, white teeth.

    Reduced UV rays and heat generation – BEYOND Polus

Everything for our patients’ health and smileLike a little dental university which treats the whole family!

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