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東京湾岸歯科|幕張本郷 歯科医院

Like a little dental university which treats the whole family!

Highly sterile environment

Our goal is to give you high quality dental care that is close and familiar

Specialists in each field!

We also feature outpatient part-time specialists and partner with outside medical institutions.
Our team will care for your teeth.
No matter the ailment or patient, you can trust us with your dental care.

  • Periodontal specialist

  • Oral surgery specialist

  • Prosthodontics specialist

  • Child dentistry specialist

  • Orthodontic specialist

  • Dental implant specialist

  • House call specialist

  • Whitening coordinator

  • We emphasize communication! (Explanation and consent) We thoroughly ensure informed consent.

    We listen to what our patients have to say and strive to provide easy to understand treatment explanations.

    • We provide polite and careful answers to questions about treatment.

    • We also create and provide treatment plans prior to starting.

    • We diagnose and treat children together with parents and guardians.

  • Receive safe and reliable care in a sterilized and hygienic environment!

    We completely eliminate the possibility for in-clinic infections with
    thorough preventative measures and the latest sterilization systems.

    We make use of the latest sterilization systems cleared for use according to strict European standards

    FREE ARM ARTEC sirona

We provide highly safe, highly advanced treatment with advanced equipment.

  • CEREC 3D System Go home the same day with shining, white teeth. High-precision, safe, reliable, and inexpensive Also perfect for patients with metal allergies!

  • Veraviewepocs 3Df State-of-the-art CT scanner enables safe and sure diagnosis. Significant reduction in X-ray exposure

  • Whitening Extreme safety and superior aesthetics Achieve bright, white teeth. Reduced UV rays Reduced heating

From small children to senior citizens. Patients can rest assured they are receiving safe and reliable treatment.

  • Completely barrier-free facilities Full accommodations for wheel chair users

  • Safe and comfortable for small children. Appropriate spaces and facilities provided Parents and guardians may stay together during treatment

  • Children’s space provided We have created an environment that helps children receive treatment in comfort

We also provide through in-home dental care.

Our experienced dentists provide care based on diagnoses and treatment methods which avoid extensive physical stress.

We also specialize in in-home oral care for the prevention of aspiration pneumonitis.

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Our clinically experienced implant specialists provide accurate diagnosis and treatment with
state-of-the-art facilities.

We harness extensive experience in implant dentistry cultivated through years of work in dental
college clinics.

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  • Receive non-insured treatments without breaking the bank. We also accept credit cards.

  • Study meetings Tokyo Gulf Dental holds periodic study meetings to maintain and further improve the skills of its staff.


1-15-1 Makuharihongo, Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba-ken 262-0033 Phone: 043-272-0271

Everything for our patients’ health and smileLike a little dental university which treats the whole family!

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Note: Closed thursday, national holidays

3 minute walk from Makuharihongo Station

We treat any and all pains and problems.Please contact us about your dental worries. Contact 043-272-0271